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Fault Trees can help break down cyber security threats in order to identify critical system vulnerabilities

A parametric Excel spreadsheet is set up to allow key parameters and assumptions to be changed without invalidating the underlying calculations, making scenario analysis a breeze

A Discussion of Risk/Reward Bubble charts as applied to R&D Portfolios

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A case highlighting DPL's 'Estimate Probabilities from Data' feature that can help you move from analyzing datasets to analyzing decisions to confident action

A real-world case highlighting DPL Enterprise version's ability to optimize multiple objective functions within a single model

Tackle complex sequential drilling problems (like that in Bickel & Smith's paper) with ease using DPL's new Allow Event Already Active feature

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We confidently stand by our claim that DPL is the most powerful, full featured application for decision tree and influence diagram modeling on the market today. See what sets us above the rest.

Producing meaningful tornado diagrams for early-stage pharmaceutical drug development models can be a challenge. Here are a few helpful tips that will allow you to glean more insights from your tornadoes.

Syncopation's top highlights and lowlights of INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015 in Philiadelphia

A list of 6 steps you can take to validate that a DPL/Excel model is computationally correct

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Helpful tips for setting up your Excel cash flow spreadsheet for easy scenario analysis

Influence Diagrams play an important, complementary role in decision modelling with its ability to aptly frame decisions and convey conditional relationships