Syncopation Software has long-standing relationships with a variety of high-quality independent consultants from around the globe

Consulting Partners

Sometimes the best way to leverage the power of DPL is to bring in an experienced consultant

Many organizations choose to bring in outside expertise in order to extract the most value from our software solutions and accelerate the process of adopting new decision-making methodologies. Syncopation Software has long-standing relationships with a variety of high-quality independent consultants from around the globe who have real-world experience using DPL, as well as deep specialist knowledge of their industries and methodologies. By engaging with one of our consultants below, you benefit from their skills and experience as well as their close connections to Syncopation’s technical experts.

Luca Fiorentini, CEO
Via Dei Martiri 3, 20017 Rho (MI), Italy
Syncopation Partner - Chaos Consulting

Founded in 2019 by internationally recognized consultants, Chaos Consulting strives to help organizations unleash their potential by extracting value from the complexity and chaos of today’s world.

Chaos Consulting experts have accumulated a breadth of experience in a variety of industrial areas within both private and public sectors. These areas include oil & gas, infrastructure, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing. Their competencies have been certified against rigorous internationally recognized standards by internationally recognized certification bodies such as PECB and Energy Institute. The solidity and capabilities of Chaos Consulting are further proven by the trust of a solid network of partners with which it operates internationally.

The mission of Chaos Consulting is to help companies to:

  • Manage their processes, through careful risk and operational experience analysis, in order to reveal the opportunities gained by the continuous improvement of management systems
  • Promote structured and systemic approaches to solving complex business problems
  • Establish scientific methodologies that help organizations stay ahead of the competition
  • Provide consultancy services and training courses tailored to the specific needs of the organization
  • Disseminate the appropriate tools, methods, and models for managing corporate complexity

Chris Smith is a Senior Analyst at KaDSci with over 15 years of experience in leading, teaching and performing data analysis and operations research. Dr. Smith served almost 30 years in the U.S. Army first as an Artillery Officer then as an Operations Research Analyst. He has led and worked on projects for the DoD and the intelligence community involving Decision Analysis, Data Analytics, Prescriptive Modeling, Network Analysis and Data Mining. Dr. Smith holds a B.S. from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, an M.S. in Engineering Management from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MS, and M.S. in Operations Research from the University of Texas - Austin, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. He is an Associate Professor of Business Analytics at the Wake Forest University School of Business. His research interests include decision analysis, data analytics, optimization, and data mining.

Grim Gjonnes
+47 934 01 002
Oslo, Norway
Syncopation Partner - Crisp Ideas
Example of Work:
Crisp Idea’s DPL Case Study

Crisp Ideas AS is an Oslo-based strategic advisory firm in the areas of strategy, business development, sales, and funding for early-phase technology companies with aggressive global ambitions. Founded in 2004, it has three key practice areas today: management consulting, quantitative analysis (including decision analysis), and digital channels. Grim Gjonnes is the General Manager of Crisp Ideas. Grim holds a Dr. Ing. degree from NTNU, Trondheim, and a M.Sc. degree in Management from Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston. Prior to forming Crisp Ideas, he worked with a number of premier consulting firms, including Navita Consulting (energy and commodity trading; later Brady Energy) and McKinsey (management consulting), and held a number of management positions with top-tier technology companies, including Microsoft, Trolltech (later Nokia, later Digia), and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. He worked also for 8 years as research scientist with leading research institutions in Norway and Canada in the area of artificial intelligence.

Harry Saunders, Founder & Managing Director
Newbury Park, California, USA
Syncopation Partner - Decision Processes Inc

Decision Processes, Inc. are a group of seasoned, senior level practitioners with many years of experience internationally in strategy consulting, decision training, decision facilitation, and coaching and decision software development. Dr. Harry Saunders is the Managing Director of Decision Processes Incorporated. In this capacity he has helped institute the Decision and Risk Analysis Training Program at a number of leading corporations. Prior to co-founding Decision Processes Incorporated, Dr. Saunders was a partner in its predecessor company, Decision and Risk Analysis, Inc. Before that, Dr. Saunders was a Senior Associate at Strategic Decisions Group, where he facilitated strategy projects for several corporations and created a probabilistic forecasting system. Previously, he was Manager of Strategy at Tosco Corporation, then the largest U.S. independent oil refiner.

Whether you are formulating a company strategy or deciding on a new product; contemplating a large acquisition or deciding whether to attend tomorrow’s meeting; wanting to fix your own decision making or re-vamping the company’s business strategy, Decision Processes, Inc. can help.

Al Dugan, Founder and Principal
San Francisco, California, USA
Syncopation Partner - Dugan Risk Managment

Dugan Risk Management and Insurance Services LLC is a full service company that provides internal audits and risk management services specializing in Technology and Life Science Marine Cargo and Stock Throughput Programs (STP) and assures best premium cost for risk and exposures.

Al Dugan’s experience makes him uniquely and highly qualified as a consultant. He has a long standing successful track record in the marine cargo insurance industry. No other broker in the US market can match his background and experience. He has a total of 36 years of experience in all aspects of Underwriting, Claims, Loss Prevention, Logistics Audits and Brokerage Operations. Al Dugan has completed hundreds of successful marine cargo underwriting program solutions during his 36 year career. He specialized in technology and life science for startups up to Fortune 500 companies.

Lawrence Phillips, Founder & Managing Director
London, UK

Lawrence Phillips is an Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Founding Director of Facilitations Limited. He carries out research in decision science, teaches ways to improve decisions, and helps managers clarify complex decision and develop team alignment. His approach is socio-technical, using a blend of social processes and technical modeling to enable teams to realize their full intellectual capabilities. Most of his consultancy work is with groups, in workshops and decision conferences.

Manuel Werner, CEO
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Manuel Werner, Ph.D. is an independent consultant whose expertise is in building mathematical risk management models based in solid Decision Analytic, Scenario Planning and Real Options Valuation principles. These models are leverage by organizations within the natural resources, finance, life sciences and utility sectors to plan and forecast capital expenditures, launch new products, and chart the strategic direction of the enterprise.

Dr. Werner has published extensively in both popular and academic reviews, on economic analysis, productivity measurement and environmental management strategies.

Frank Kowalkowski, Principal
Libertyville, Illinos, USA
Syncopation Partner - Knowledge Consultants

Knowledge Consultants, Inc. (KCI) is a professional services firm founded in 1984. KCI focuses on using current technology and analytical methods to help organizations improve business performance to achieve success. KCI’s consulting services and training methods focus on empowering client organizations with the knowledge, insight and practical competencies to leverage analytics toward achieving and maintaining corporate excellence. KCI’s training and consulting clients span the globe from North America, to Europe, to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Frank Kowalkowski, president and CEO of KCI, has over 3 decades of management consulting experience within the manufacturing, distribution, insurance, financial services, and pubic sectors. He has written numerous papers, delivered keynote addresses, and published books on technology forecasting, process analytics and management, business analysis, and enterprise performance management.

The Ramparts founders are professional engineers who have both commercial experience plus several decades working in the Intelligence Community. The Ramparts team has over 3 decades of experience performing threat analysis for critical infrastructure, automotive, and defense systems, and over a decade of experience leading adversarial red team assessments focusing on military and commercial automotive platforms. Ramparts serves the automotive, medical, and energy sectors by providing external third-party security assessments of developing and deployed systems. We have demonstrated proficiency and proven methods to identify, quantify, and target high-profile risk scenarios, demonstrate practical system exploitation, and develop strategies for effective and affordable threat mitigation.

Stephen Chapel, Founder and Principal
Palo Alto, California, USA
Syncopation Partner - S Chapel Associates

S.Chapel Associates specialize in providing the best analytic methods and tools to solve asset management decision problems within the electric, gas, water utility and public sectors. In-house technical expertise includes modern financial economics, decision science methods, and software engineering. Their expertise and focus is on three main areas:

  • Consulting services: asset management, fuel contracting and inventory planning, capital budgeting
  • Software Development and Support: Project priority systems, aging asset repair/replace model systems, fuel inventory modeling
  • Analytic Model Development

Stephen Chapel, formerly of EPRI and now head of S.Chapel Associates, created the original analytical asset management group at EPRI and spearheaded the efforts for over twenty years. Chapel has expert knowledge of utility business analysis methods and has proven problem solving and analytical capabilities. He is well known for his ability to take projects from the conceptual stage to a practical implementation.

Erich Wolf, Senior Consultant
Washington State, USA
Syncopation Partner - Sapere Consulting

Sapere helps companies develop and implement innovative solutions to their industries’ most challenging demands. At the core they are a dynamic management consulting firm that helps clients improve the performance of their projects, products and services while bolstering their ability to create value. They provided expertise to clients within the Energy, Technology, and Federal sectors.

Erich Wolf is a senior consultant at Sapere. During his time as a consultant, Erich has diverse practical experiences in a range of professional environments, from the Federal Government and public utilities to private contractors. No matter what role, Erich can consistently provide effective project planning, risk management and decision analytics for his clients. He is certified in a number of relevant areas, including project management, risk management and cost estimating.

Jay Horton, Founder and Managing Director
Sydney, Australia
Syncopation Partner - Strategic Partners
LinkedIn: Example of Work:
Real Options: The State of the Art

Strategis Partners Pty Limited is an independent management strategy consultancy, recognized for its insight on complex future-oriented initiatives. The firm works with clients to develop a coherent picture about the strategic forces at work and how best to respond. They also help clients build data analytic capabilities to succeed in dynamic business environments. Their clients are based throughout Australia and South East Asia, in the energy and natural resources, food and agriculture, government and infrastructure, retail and logistics sectors.

Jay Horton is the Founder and Managing Director of Strategis Partners. He advises Boards and senior management of corporations in Australia and Asia on strategy and organization. Over the past 25 years he has played key leadership roles, including as Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey & Company, and Managing Director of management consultancy ORG.

Stratelytics offers services in a range of analytic areas. Our primary areas of focus are:

  • Asset/Contract Strategy and Valuation: designing, evaluating and negotiating resource commitments including physical assets and contractual arrangements
  • Portfolio Management: analyzing and optimizing the mix of business activities across technologies, markets and regions
  • Investment Analysis: identifying and characterizing “mis-priced” assets, both public and private

Gregory Hamm, Principal, was a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Director and power practice leader at PwC’s Applied Decision Analysis (ADA) group. Dr. Hamm has over twenty years of experience solving organizational problems using facilitation, coaching, and modeling. His primary emphasis is the application of decision analysis and real options to major investment decisions and subsequent asset management activity. Dr. Hamm’s most recent work is in financial modeling and analysis of electric generation technologies. He also has substantial experience in risk management, R&D planning, and market forecasting. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon, and an MS and a PhD in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford. Dr. Hamm has taught quantitative analysis to a variety of professional audiences. He has served as a lecturer or consulting faculty at Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, and California State University East Bay. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in California, and is currently on the Board of Alameda Power & Telecom.

Trygve Botn
Nydalsveien 33, Oslo, Norway 0484
Syncopation Partner - ThinQ Decisions

ThinQ Decisions is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic decision-making. We support the core elements of the decision-making process including facilitation of problem/opportunity framing, qualitative and quantitative analytics under risk and uncertainty, and facilitation of decision-making. Typical industries we support are oil & gas, pharmaceutical, retail, IT, and marketing and sales. In addition, we provide ad-hoc analysis, cost and schedule risk assessments for projects, act as a 3rd party project partner for clients, and provide Decision Analysis training. Trygve Botn is Founder & Doer at ThinQ Decisions and has broad experience with Decision Science and Analysis from Chevron where he held several advisory and leadership roles. Trygve is also a Lead Practitioner in Decision Analysis from the Society of Decision Professionals.

Dr. Krishna Kumar, President and CEO
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Syncopation Partner - Tiara International Consulting

Example of Work:
Overview of Consulting Engagements

Tiara International Consulting, L.L.C.(TIC LLC) embodies an innovative problem-solving approach that applies creative solutions to international business problems. TCI’s CEO, Dr. M.V. Krishna Kumar, is a seasoned senior executive from Petroleum Industry and former Executive Director of Corporate Consulting and Professor of Global Business at Thunderbird School of Global Management. As a Petroleum Executive, Dr. Kumar was coordinating Strategic Planning involving hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investments every year. In Thunderbird School of Global Management, he started a Corporate Consulting from grass roots and carried out over 150 international projects involving many Fortune 500 companies the world over.

Phil Beccue is the founder of White Deer Partners, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the application of decision analysis, financial modeling, portfolio optimization, and risk analysis to strategic business problems. As a decision analysis practitioner and consultant, Phil has helped companies develop corporate and asset strategies and improve portfolio management and business operations. Phil was a consultant with Applied Decision Analysis for 9 years, and led internal teams at Amgen and Baxter for 12 years in portfolio management and decisions analysis projects. Phil’s consulting and executive teaching include work for international corporations, small businesses, and government agencies. He has trained over 1000 managers and senior executives on the principles and processes of strategic decision-making. He is a frequent speaker in executive decision programs, won the Decision Analysis Practice Award, is a contributing author of Advances in Decision Analysis, a founding fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals, and served on the leadership council of the Decision Analysis Society. He has received degrees from Westmont College in liberal arts and Stanford University in Management Science Engineering.

Mani Vannan, President
New Jersey, USA


Mani Vannan is the founder of XCEL Insights LLC, a strategy and business analytics consultancy focused on life science and healthcare organizations. Mani is a veteran strategy and operations executive with extensive management consulting experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and energy verticals. He’s developed a proven track record for driving revenue through leading enterprise, business unit and product level strategic initiatives.