Decision Analysis Videos

Quick and simple introductions to basic DA concepts

Instructional Decision Analysis Videos

These short, demonstration videos introduce basic Decision Analysis tools and concepts using the DPL Professional software – a class-leading decision and risk analytic software tool. Use the links above the video player to download the files used within the video. Request a free trial of DPL Professional via the button below so you can work through the tutorial videos as you watch.

What is a Decision Tree?

This video demonstrates how decision trees, a powerful decision analysis tool, are used to analyze a decision-problems. Using the DPL Professional software, this simple example is suited for those new to decision analysis concepts. Click the button to download the DPL model used in the video.

Building a Decision Tree-Focused Model in DPL 9

See how quickly and easily you can build a decision tree-focused model, link tree events and metrics to an Excel cash flow spreadsheet, and run an analysis to generate actionable results in the DPL 9 Professional software. The case is a commercial strategy play within the pharmaceutical industry. Click the buttons to download the DPL model and linked spreadsheet used in the video.

What is an Influence Diagram?

This video demonstrates how easy it is to create and manipulate an Influence Diagram, the ideal Decision Tree companion, in DPL Professional in order to frame a strategic business decision and gain key insights. Click the button to download the DPL model used in the video.

What is the Value of Information?

This video explains the decision analysis concept of value of information and shows how easily VOI can be calculated for uncertainties within DPL Professional. Click the button to download the DPL model used in the video.

Creating a Tornado Diagram in DPL Professional

This short video tutorial will show you how to create a value tornado in the DPL Professional software. This graphical sensitivity analysis can help you understand the sensitivity of metrics and decision to changes in uncertain risk factors. Use the following link to download the DPL model and view the values entered for each variable within the tornado diagram set up dialog.

Building a Parametric Excel Spreadsheat (from Scratch) for Easy Scenario Analysis

A parametric Excel spreadsheet is set up in such a way that key parameters and assumptions can be changed without invalidating the underlying calculations, allowing for efficient scenario analysis. And if you’d like to take your scenario analysis to another level you can quickly and easily link your parametric spreadsheet to the best-in-class decision analysis tool, DPL. This two-part video will show you the steps to building a flexible, parametric spreadsheet model starting from a blank Excel workbook. Such a model can be readily connected to DPL for robust scenario analysis. If you’d like to follow along, open a blank Excel workbook. The files below are the Excel workbooks you should have at the end of Videos 1 & 2.