An Introduction to DPL Fault Tree

DPL Fault Tree - Power Failure

Syncopation Software has long been known for their Decision Tree-based software tools but did you know that we also develop and support software for building and analyzing Fault Trees? I’d like to introduce DPL Fault Tree, a tool that allows users to intuitively build graphical models of large-scale systems in order to understand and analyze the risks within the system and how they relate to one another. This robust risk assessment can help guide risk mitigating actions. Fault trees are used a variety of high-hazard industries like aerospace, nuclear power, IT. If you’re interested in learning more about Fault Tree’s and how they are built and analyzed with the DPL Fault Tree Software, I’d recommend watching our latest DPL Tutorial Video Series: A Simple Introduction to Fault Tree Modeling using DPL 9 Fault Tree.

This two-part tutorial video series will show you how to build Fault Trees within the DPL 9 Fault Tree software. I’d further encourage you to request a free trial of DPL Fault tree and download the completed DPL Fault Tree model used in the videos so you can work along with the tutorial videos.

A Simple Introduction to Fault Tree Modeling using DPL 9 Fault Tree: Video #1

In first of this two-part video tutorial series I will briefly describe what a fault tree is, why it’s used, and will point out common fault tree features. I will then starting building a simple fault tree representing a home power failure event within the DPL 9 Fault Tree software. There is a link to start the 2nd and final video in the series at the end of this video.