Top Highlights and Lowlights at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015

Syncopation's top highlights and lowlights of INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015 in Philiadelphia

Syncopation Software’s Booth at INFORMS Annual Meeting2015

Now that we’ve had a few days to recuperate and properly reflect, Tony, Chris and I have put our notes together to come up with the top high- and low-lights of INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015:


  1. The views from our hotel – Philly’s architecture was awe-inspiring!
  2. Syncopation’s booth location.(Pole Position, Baby!)
  3. The success of and enthusiasm for Chris, Phil, and Elayne’s portfolio game
  4. The wealth of enticing restaurant options within walking distance to the conference
  5. Clothing half the staff of the conference center in cool DPL shirts
  6. Our DPMX Software Demo going smoothly
  7. Seeing all of our good friends/DPL fans
  8. Doing a Rocky run on Wednesday morning for a last-day-of-the-conference energy boost

Philadelphia City Hall


  1. While the buildings and murals of Philly were a wonder to behold, the aromas at street level were quite the opposite
  2. Cold germs picked up on the short, non-stop to Philly
  3. So called “coffee” served at the coffee breaks (Chris will drink anything but even he found it unpalatable)
  4. Distance of the DA track to the Exhibit Hall – just once can the DA track be #3 instead of #79?
  5. A lack of exhibitors line this year and consequent looong pre-registration line
  6. Other exhibitor’s lame swag – why are we the only vendor with anything worth taking?

Well it looks like the highs outdid the lows this year. See you next year in Nashville!