DPL 9 -- The Tool for Die-hard Decision Tree Fans

Are you a die-hard decision tree fan? Well then you’ve landed on the right blog. Let me first say that we here at Syncopation (publishers of class-leading decision tree software, DPL) have always prided ourselves on the fact that DPL’s modeling interface offers a unique synergism of a Decision Tree and an Influence Diagram. We still hold those sentiments, but during the development of the latest DPL release we came to the realization that for certain users and/or decision-problems the Influence Diagram might be better off taking a backseat.

[Note: This goes both ways – meaning the Influence Diagram can still just as easily take the wheel.]

Decision tree fanatics can revel in the fact that our latest major release, DPL 9, includes several enhancements that allow users to choose a modeling mode preference: Decision Tree-focused, Influence Diagram-focused, or eclectic (i.e., split halfway with both in view). So you can build your decision tree in its entirety without any other distractions. The DPL decision tree counterpart is still updated under-the-covers and you need only drag down the splitter to see it.

Need proof? Here’s a short video showing how quickly and easily I can build a decision tree for a pharmaceutical commercial strategy decision, link the events and metric to an Excel cash flow spreadsheet, and run the model to generate actionable results in DPL 9:

N.b. A beta-version of DPL 9 will be available soon. If you’d like to try it out, please let us know: info@syncopation.com