Syncopation Announces the Release of DPL 9

Syncopation Software is pleased to announce the general availability of DPL Release 9. This release serves to underscore Syncopation’s commitment to providing users with best-in-class decision analytic tools that improve performance, enhance interoperability, and give you insights that lead to better decision quality. Whether you choose the Professional, Enterprise or Portfolio version, we’re confident you’ll find DPL 9 the best decision analysis software tool you’ve ever used.

A Decision Tree-focused Model in DPL 9

Some of the new features include:

  • Multiple Objective Functions
  • Multi-Selection in the Decision Tree/Influence Diagram
  • Parallel Endpoint Recording
  • Estimating Probabilities from External Data
  • Pruned Sequential Decision Tree
  • Preferred Modeling Mode Options
  • New Time Series Percentiles Chart
  • Graphical Output Improvements
  • Selective Attributes in Policy Tree™
  • 64-bit Executable
  • XLSX Conversion

For a comprehensive list of features see:

For an in-depth look at some of our major enhancements see our DPL 9 blog posts:

We encourage you to start analyzing your organization’s strategic decisions today with Syncopation’s powerful, yet easy-to-use family of Decision Tree-based decision and risk analytic tools. For over 20 years leading organizations have employed DPL analytics to help them more effectively quantify uncertainty, leverage risk, and generate alternatives and options – to make the best, most informed decision.

Syncopation Software offers a variety of analytic tools so you can “buy decision analysis by the yard” – getting exactly what you need for your application. From quick and simple risk and decision analyses on your business plan spreadsheet, to a rigorous, extensible risk and decision support system, to the allocation of investments across a portfolio of R&D assets – Syncopation is sure to have a solution that will help you to maximize the value of your most critical projects.

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