Syncopation Software's Responsive Website Update

Syncopation Software’s New ResponsiveWebsite Syncopation Software’s newly updated mobile friendly website on a stock photo of a phone– note the hamburger menu :)


Syncopation is happy to announce a recent, major website update. Some of you may have already noticed that our website has a fresh, new look and feel. What you may not have noticed is that our website is now fully responsive with mobile devices, so it’s a breeze to peruse our web content or buy a copy of DPL even when you’re away from your laptop or desktop computer. This also puts us back on Google’s “good” list. Yay!

You should find that the overall website structure and content remains mostly unchanged. We develop and maintain our website in-house and so heartily welcome constructive feedback, negative or positive – we’re always looking to improve. We hope you find this update enhances your experience when you pay us a visit, whether it be on a large or small screen. So check it out already! (preferably with a phone)