A Free DPL Trial License for Every of Decision Professional

There are generally two breeds of decision professionals in the world; those who are best suited to Syncopation Software’s DPL Direct version and those more befitted to DPL Professional (this may be a slightly narrow view of the field). Luckily for you, we offer free trial licenses of both versions on our website. For 21 days you can perform analyses with a full speed, fully functional software license in the version of your choice. Better yet, trial licenses of either version come with a full set of tutorial-style soft copy documentation coupled with corresponding examples files that cover real-world applications of within various industries.

The ultimate goal of this post is to keep you from wasting precious hours dabbling with the wrong software version. So, I’d like to walk you through what may be the simplest survey you’ve ever taken in your life in order to set you in the right direction. Consider the following questions:

Which DPLTrial?

  • Do you have experience with previous versions?
  • Do you want to use Influence Diagrams?
  • Are you a quant or hardcore decision analyst?

If you answer “Yes” to either of the questions above then we suggest you start out with DPL Professional. Answer “No” to both? Then we’d suggest you start out with DPL Direct, you can always switch over to Pro if you find it un-befitting to your needs.

So don’t be fraught with worry when you encounter our Take a Test Drive page and are confronted with the decision to go with Direct or Pro, as it is not an end-all, be-all decision. If you start out with DPL Direct only to realize you’d like to see an endpoint database (which happens to be a Pro only feature,see our Product Comparison chart for a full break down of features by version) then by all means go download a demo of Professional, or vice-versa. The goal of this blog post is simply to give you some imperfect information in order to help you make a quality decision and hopefully save you a bit of time and hassle.

*There are a few renegade-types that don’t easily fit within these two molds above. If you’re looking to do more advanced operations like automate DPL processes or link to large databases; send an e-mail to sales@syncopation.com and request a trial license of DPL Enterprise. Or, if you are looking to allocate assets across a portfolio of projects, we’d be happy to discuss how DPL Portfolio can add value to your portfolio and provide a temporary license if it’s a good fit.