Lights, Camera, Action! Watch Syncopation's DPL, DPMX, and Decision Analysis Video Tutorials

We’ve always championed a “model in DPL as you learn” approach within our software documentation, resources, and training courses. A couple of years ago Syncopation took this to another level by creating our own YouTube channel so we could offer tutorial-style, screencast videos (narrated, recorded, and edited by your’s truly) for those who prefer this mode of learning over traditional paper/PDF user guides. We’ve built up quite a collection – so if you haven’t checked Syncopation’s YouTube channel, I’d encourage you to do so. Further, be sure to subscribe, like, share, or comment on the videos if you feel compelled to do so:

If you have an aversion to YouTube, we’ve embedded most of these videos on our website. You can find our two easy-to-follow-along DPL 9 Tutorial video series, one Influence Diagram-focused and one Decision Tree-focused, here:

Decision Analysis Videos

Note: The Excel spreadsheets needed to work along with the video tutorials are available via the page linked above and each of the video descriptions on our YouTube channel. If you don’t have a license of DPL you can request a free, 21-day DPL Professional trial license via the call out button at the top right hand corner of most every page on our website (It’s the one labeled “Free DPL Pro Trial”.

You can find more general, one-off videos that cover basic decision analysis tools, techniques and concepts and specific DPL features here:

Product Videos

We also have a pretty awesome DPMX product introduction video on the DPMX product landing page:


We’re try to publish new video content all the time so be sure to check our YouTube channel or the links provided above for Syncopation’s latest DPL\DA\DPMX videos. If you have a feature or modeling technique that you think should be the subject of our next video, let us know! We have couple of videos in the works: one that shows you how to build a flexible, parametric spreadsheets for easy DPL linking and one that provides an overview of DPL 9 Fault Tree.