Portfolio Analysis Overview

DPL Portfolio essentially allows you to run separate decision analyses on the projects in your portfolio and aggregate them for purposes of comparison and valuation, all within a single Portfolio Analysis run. Below is a brief overview of the process DPL uses to analyze a portfolio.

For each project in the portfolio, DPL:

  • Loads the dataset for the project (the data may be in a spreadsheet, DPL program, or database)
  • Loads the value model calculations (which may be in a spreadsheet or DPL program)
  • Compiles the model
  • Runs a Decision Analysis on the individual project, and
  • Stores the individual project results for aggregation later.

When all the projects have been analyzed, DPL:

  • Aggregates the project-level results, and
  • Produces the requested portfolio results, including the Results Grid and/or output charts.

The ability of DPL to aggregate results across projects relies upon the fact that the attributes must be consistent across the projects in the portfolio. See Portfolio Attributes for more information about portfolio attributes.

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