Portfolio Attributes Dialog

All models associated with Groups in a DPL Portfolio must use a common set of portfolio attributes. The Portfolio Attributes dialog allows you to edit these attributes.

All portfolios must have at least three attributes: one for the objective function, one for the costs associated with the research and development of projects and one to indicate the success of a project. An attribute for each of these is defined for you. They are named NPV, Development Costs and Development Success by default. You may rename these first three attributes, but you cannot delete them.

You may add as many attributes as you like to the required three. For example, you may wish to add attributes for free cash flow generated from the portfolio over a set of time periods.

In addition to the required three attributes, DPL calculates values for two derived attributes: Objective Function given Success (e.g., the expected value of the project given you make it to market) and Productivity Ratio (expected benefits divided by expected costs).

The get/pay expressions in the models associated with the Groups in your Portfolio will need to be edited to be consistent with the defined attributes. See Get/Pay Expressions.

Editing Attributes

To rename an attribute

  • Select the desired attribute and click Rename or press F2.
  • Type the new name.
  • Press Enter.

To add an attribute

  • Click Add.
  • Name the attribute.

To delete an attribute

  • Select the attribute.
  • Click Delete.

To insert an attribute

  • Select the attribute in which you'd like the new attribute to be placed before.
  • Click Insert.
  • Name the attribute.
Accumulate given success also: check this to also accumulate the expected value of the attribute selected in the attribute list in success scenarios.

Accumulate for subtrees: check this to accumulate a distribution for the attribute selected in the attribute list in each of the defined subtrees See Attribute Subtree Definitions.

Export Information

This functionality is only available if your Portfolio is linked to a database.

To use this functionality, you must first specify some information in the Database Specification dialog. You may export to fields within a table that stores scalar values across the entire portfolio or to node ID's within Group-Specific export tables.

Click the Export Information button to use the Attribute Export Information dialog to specify export information.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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