Risk Profile Charts

If you ask DPL to generate a Risk Profile when you run a decision analysis, two or more items are created: one or more Risk Profile Charts and one or more sets of corresponding Risk Profile Data. Each Risk Profile Data set is a set of points that represents the range of outcome values for an objective function or attribute under a particular decision policy. The Risk Profile Chart is the means of displaying the Risk Profile Data.

From the ribbon you can modify the Risk Profile Chart in numerous ways. From the Format tab you can change the Risk Profile Chart type and format the display, color, titles, axis, and legends of the chart. Within the Series tab you can format the lines, markers, percentiles, points, and labels. You can click the Chart | Series | Modify button to add other distributions to the chart. Within Chart | Series | Labels you can turn on Percentiles (10th, 50th, and 90th by default) and change or specify additional percentiles to display by clicking the groups dialog box launcher. From the Data tab you can export the data or statistics of the chart, view distribution statistics, or reduce the distribution to a chance node.

To copy a picture of the chart to another application choose Home | Edit | Copy or press Ctrl+C. If you wish to see a section of your risk profile in greater detail, you can zoom in by scrolling down on your mouse wheel. Once you have zoomed in on a portion of the diagram, you can move to other sections of the diagram by using the scroll bars or by clicking and dragging.

Creating a New Risk Profile Chart and New Risk Profile Data

To create a Risk Profile Chart and data:

  • Make sure the Risk Profile drop-down in Home | Run doesn't have (none) selected. For single attribute/objective function models, Objective Function will be selected within the Specify Risk Profile Quanity drop-down. For multiple attribute/multiple objective function models, select the quantity for which you'd like a Risk Profile. For more information on these options see Risk Profile Data Sets.
  • Click Home | Run | Decision Analysis.
DPL will analyze the model and open to the Risk Profile Chart. If you are also running a Policy Tree, DPL will open to the Policy Tree instead. To access the Risk Profile Chart, double-click on the item for it in the Workspace Manager.

Creating a New Risk Profile Chart from Existing Risk Profile Data

To create a new Risk Profile Chart from an existing set of Risk Profile Data, double-click on the Risk Profile Data in the Workspace Manager.

Chart Types

For decision analysis runs, DPL automatically displays risk profiles as cumulative probability distributions. However, you may also plot your data as a frequency histogram or in decumulative manner. The chart type can be changed by checking the appropriate box in Chart | Format | Display.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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