Modify Data Dialog (Risk Profile Charts)

When viewing a Risk Profile chart the Modify Data dialog allows you to add series to and remove series from the chart.

You can plot up to 32 series in a Risk Profile Chart. To add a series to a chart, select the risk profile dataset from one of the 32 drop-down lists. Use the <> buttons to scroll through the lists.

The drop-down lists display all series currently in the workspace file. To remove a series from the chart, select (none) in the drop-down list that displays it.

Check the "Display risk profile data from this model only" box if you only want to choose from the series in the risk profiles in the same model. If you un-check this box, the drop-down lists will let you add a series from any risk profile in your Workspace.

Note, in the DPL Portfolio version this box is labeled "Display risk profile data from this document's parent only".

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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