Policy Trees

A DPL Policy Tree is an output tree that shows all possible paths through the tree and indicates the value of all get/pay expressions in the model, the probabilities associated with each chance event outcome, and the rolled-back expected value of the objective function for each node. All data elements and names can be removed/added to the Policy Tree display via the commands and dialog box launcher within the Policy | Display group. DPL indicates the optimal alternative for a decision by drawing the branch for the alternative in a darker line.

There are two ways to display a Policy Tree -- as a Graphic Policy Tree or as a Text Policy Tree. The default is the graphic tree format. To change the view to the text format, check the box for Text View within Policy | Display.

For models with multiple attributes, you can choose to gather and display expected value information for all attributes in the model and have them displayed in the Policy Tree. DPL will initially display the expected values for the first 3 attributes defined. See Fat Policy for more information.

Policy Trees for models with multiple objective functions will display the expected value for all objective functions at each node. The optimal decision alternative(s) will be indicated by a blue bolded line. The expected value of the objective function used at a particular decision is also shaded blue.

Display options for multiple objective functions and multiple attributes are found clicking the dialog box launcher with the Policy | Display group.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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