To print the contents of a DPL window, select File | Print. DPL will open the Print dialog. From the Print dialog, you can choose a printer, change the printer's settings, select the print range, and select the number of copies you would like to print.

Page Orientation

The File | Print command prints what you see in the window, sized to fit within the margins. For graphic windows, a maximized window will print best on a landscape page. To change page orientation, select File | Page Setup. If you want to print in portrait mode, you should reshape the window by dragging the borders so the drawing area is in portrait proportions, then select File | Print.

Printing in the Model Window

If you are in the Model Window and select File | Print, DPL prints the visible contents of either the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree Pane (whichever is active).

Printing Portions of the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree

If you wish to print the entire Influence Diagram, select Zoom Full in the status bar to fit the entire Influence Diagram to the screen, then select File | Print. If you only want to print a portion of the Influence Diagram, first zoom in on the desired section. The Influence Diagram Pane will then display only the desired section. Then select File | Print, and DPL will fit that section to the printed page.

Printing the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree on Multiple Pages

DPL allows you to print the entire Influence Diagram (or Decision Tree) on multiple pages. This can be useful if you want a printout of the entire Influence Diagram, but the diagram is large and is difficult to read when printed on a single page. First, you need to tell DPL how much of the Influence Diagram to put on each page. To do this, zoom in on a section of the Influence Diagram that you think would be appropriate to fit on a single page. DPL will then fill the Influence Diagram Pane in the Model Window with the selected region. Next select File | Print. In the Print Range section of the Print dialog, click the radio button labeled "All". DPL will then print the entire diagram on several pages. Each page will contain a section of the diagram the size of the selected area. There will be a slight overlap to assist in aligning the pages.

Print Preview

To preview the print job before printing, select File | Print Preview.

Printing Tornado Diagrams

When you print from a tornado diagram, DPL will print the visible contents of the window. If your tornado diagram extends beyond one window (i.e. it has more bars than DPL can fit on the screen), you will need to print each section individually. (Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move the display one section at a time.) You can also hide superfluous bars to reduce the size of the tornado diagram.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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