Portfolio Project Categories

DPL Portfolio allows you to define Project Categories so that you can run either a Portfolio Analysis or a Data Report for only a select set of projects, i.e., all the projects of a particular category or a particular combination of categories. Project Categories can be defined in the Portfolio | Project Selection | Categories dialog. Projects can be assigned to Categories either through their node data, or at the Portfolio Group or Element level within the respective Portfolio Group dialog or Portfolio Element dialog.

In the Project Categories dialog, you can define up to twelve Category Types. Each Category Type can have up to 32 different categories. If the data that determines your projects' category for a particular category type comes from a node in the Influence Diagram, then you can indicate this Source node in the drop-down box at the bottom of the dialog.

If the project category for a particular category type is not determined by a node in the Influence Diagram, then you must tell DPL which category(ies) each project belongs to at the Group or Element level, using the Portfolio | Modify | Edit dialog.

Once you have defined the Category(ies) for all Category Type(s) for all projects, you can select projects by category when running a Portfolio Analysis or Data Report. In the Data Report dialog, check Display project categories if you wish to show the categories for each project in the report grid. When DPL prompts you to Summarize all projects or Select by category, click Select in order to tell DPL to only include specified categories of projects in the report.

In the Portfolio Analysis dialog, select Subset under Include in Run (instead of All projects). Click the Select button to specify particular project category(ies) to include in the Portfolio Analysis run.

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