Fat Policy

Fat Policy refers to DPL's capability to gather rolled-back expected value information and get/pays for all attributes in the model while evaluating a decision tree. To display Fat Policy, check the Gather attribute expected values in the Policy Tree box within the Objective & Utility dialog. Run a decision analysis with the Policy Tree output selected. The rolled-back expected values of the first 3 attributes specified will then be displayed in the Policy Tree in square brackets to the right of the expected value of objective function.

Once you've gathered attribute expected values for the Policy Tree you have full control of which, if any, Attributes EVs are displayed in the Policy Tree. To remove all Attributes EVs from the Policy Tree un-check the Show Attribute EVs checkbox within the Policy | Display. To choose a specific subset of Attributes EVs to display in the Policy Tree, select the Policy | Display | Options and use the Select attributes to display (EVs and get/pays) box to select the Attributes you'd like to include in the Policy Tree. Use Ctrl+click to select several attributes at once.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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