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The Links tab of the Model Settings dialog stores settings for linking DPL to spreadsheets and databases (Portfolio version only). It can be accessed by clicking the Settings button within the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree | Model groups and clicking on the Links tab.

Spreadsheet time out (seconds DPL waits for a response from Excel)

The Spreadsheet time out parameter controls how long DPL waits for a response from Excel before issuing an error. The default is 20 seconds. If your spreadsheet takes a long time to calculate, you may want to increase this number. For more information, see Common Spreadsheet Linking Problems.

Reset Excel values after run

This is only available if DPL is communicating with Excel via OLE. If this is checked, then DPL restores the values in the Excel spreadsheet after a run (or after cancel).

Disable Excel screen updating during run

When you run a DPL model, DPL will have Excel update the drivers and values for metric thousands of times while it calculates the model. At times, disabling screen updating in Excel during a run may speed up the analysis. If this is checked, Excel will not update it's screen during a DPL analysis run.

Ignore unsupported data types when requesting values; treat as zeroes

Check this to ignore unsupported data types in Excel when requesting values. These values will instead be treated as zeroes.

Open Excel workbooks read only

Check this to have DPL open linked Excel workbooks as read only.

Append table name to Node ID when extracting data (Portfolio version)

Check this box to append the table name to the node ID's when extracting data.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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