Layout Settings Dialog

The Layout Settings dialog allows you to change settings for options associated with the display and layout of models. It can be accessed by clicking View | Layout | Settings.

Influence Diagram

You may turn on Show Grid to help you visually place your influence diagram nodes. If you'd prefer to always have your node centered on the grid, check Snap to Grid. Note you can snap nodes to the grid once by pressing Ctrl+G.

The grid size relative to character height controls how finely spaced the grid is. If you prefer a finer grid, enter a smaller number.

You can make all the nodes in the Influence Diagram the same size by check in the Make all node the same size box.

Decision Tree

The grid settings for the decision tree work in the same way as the Influence Diagram.


Specify the tab size for DPL Programs within the text box provided.

Check the box at the bottom if you'd like to use the setting specified within the Layout Settings dialog for new models/programs.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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