DPL Licenses and Technical Support

DPL 9 is available in several versions and license types. The About DPL dialog (Help | Resources | License & Version) provides information about which version of DPL you are using, the release number, the name of the licensed user, your serial number and your expiration date and license type.

Change User

Sometimes a DPL license will be transferred between users at a company. Click this button to change the user name. If this happens you should also use Help | Resources | Register to provide Syncopation with the current user information so that we can provide you with support and product updates. Contact Support (see below) if you have questions about transferring a DPL license.

Update License

This button will be greyed out if you have a Workspace open. If you need to update your DPL license with a new serial number, first save your Workspace and select File | Close. Then select Help | Resources | License & Version again and click the Update License. The DPL License Setup dialog will open where you should enter the appropriate license information.

Technical Support Information

Syncopation Software provides free technical support for DPL users with up-to-date Maintenance and Support coverage. DPL licenses come with 60 days of Maintenance and Support included and we encourage users to purchase a year of Maintenance and Support with their license. This provides a total of 14 months of initial coverage. After the initial 60 days Annual Support coverage is still available for purchase -- the price for which depends on the license type and volume. If you have Support coverage in place, you are eligible to receive maintenance releases and major upgrade to new releases free of charge.

You can reach Syncopation Technical Support via:

  • Email: Send an email to support@syncopation.com with a detailed message of your support query.
  • Phone: Call Syncopation at 1 866 796 2375 (US Toll-free) or +1 978 233 2509 (outside the US) and press 2 for Support.

Access support resources:

You can reach the Syncopation Sales Team for License/Support renewals, Version upgrades, Group licenses, Training, etc. via:

  • Email: Send an email to sales@syncopation.com
  • Phone: Call Syncopation at 1 866 796 2375 (US Toll-free) or +1 978 233 2509 (outside the US) and press 1 for Sales.

DPL Order Now Page: https://www.syncopation.com/products/software

DPL Training Requests: https://www.syncopation.com/training

Syncopation's business hours are 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5) on weekdays, except for a few holidays which are listed on our website here:


Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio