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The benchmark tool pros look to for decision and risk analysis
DPL 9 PROFESSIONAL is an intuitive, graphical decision tree software tool for robust decision and risk analytics. From explicit decision framing to sensitivity analyses to complex model build-out and, finally, the generation of insightful, presentation-ready results, DPL Professional will have all your bases covered.
The flexible, extensible platform for decision support systems
DPL 9 ENTERPRISE contains all the features of DPL Professional plus key features to develop custom decision support systems. DPL Enterprise supports database links so you can ensure quality and consistency across projects and an API to control DPL from other programs -- so common tasks can happen at the press of a button. This version also supports advanced modeling features such as multiple objective functions and Excel Macros.
Combines the ability to build and analyze fault trees with DPL Professional's class-leading decision tree engine
DPL 9 FAULT TREE provides users the ability to graphically depict large-scale systems gracefully in order to gain an understanding of the risks involved in a system and how they relate to one another. This leads to a more accurate risk assessment and the ability to build a quantitative model that can accurately assess risk reduction actions.
The class-leading decision analytic system for allocating investments across a portfolio of assets
DPL 9 PORTFOLIO builds on the decision analysis foundation of DPL Enterprise and adds portfolio analysis capabilities to allocate resources and manage risk across a portfolio of projects.