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These interactive sessions, led by a live instructor, are designed to efficiently transfer essential DPL skills to you without taking you away from your desk. The web-based sessions save on travel costs and are easy to fit into your schedule.

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An in-house DPL training workshop provides an opportunity for you and several of your colleagues to learn DPL in the environment in which you'll put it to use. Compared to web training, an in-house course with one of our experienced instructors is more engaging. The course can be tailored to focus on topics of particular interest to the organization, and can even give the participants a head start discussing relevant applications.

All of our in-house courses include a case study where you'll have the opportunity to apply DPL to a realistic decision problem, starting from scratch or with only a deterministic spreadsheet. In the in-house setting we can also offer an application workshop focused on a particular issue, model or approach. An application workshop is a great way to kick-start a new analytical initiative by giving participants immediate, directly-relevant experience applying DPL in a new setting.

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