Product Manuals

DPL User Guides

The DPL User Guide provide the most effective means to getting started using DPL. The manuals are intended to be read while working with DPL. Each chapter contains a tutorial designed to show you the basics of DPL's key features. All trial and purchased DPL licenses comes with a full set of soft copy manuals in PDF format. They are located in the Documentation folder within your DPL install directory -- the default for which is C:\Program Files\Syncopation\DPL 9. The example models and spreadsheets used within the tutorial in the user guides are located within the Examples folder of your DPL install directory.

DPL 9 User Guides

» DPL 9 Professional/Enterprise
» DPL 9 Fault Tree
» DPL 9 Portfolio

DPL 8 User Guides

» DPL 8 Professional
» DPL 8 Enterprise
» DPL 8 Portfolio

DPL 7 User Guides

» DPL 7 Standard
» DPL 7 Professional
» DPL 7 Enterprise
» DPL 7 Portfolio