Activating DPL

When you first install DPL, you will need to activate it with your license information. Be sure to save your license information in case you need to re-install DPL. DPL Activation dialog allows you to input the license information necessary for activation.

Serial Number

Your serial number is a 15 character alphanumeric code starting with "SY". It will have been provided to you via an email with the subject Your DPL License from Syncopation Software Enter your serial number into the Serial number edit box.

Installation Key

Your installation key is a 20 character alphanumeric code broken into five segments of four characters each. It will have been provided to you via email. Enter your installation key into the five Installation key edit boxes.

To Activate your DPL License

  • Enter your serial number and installation key as indicated above.
  • Click the Check License Info button.
  • If the activation is successful, a dialog appears telling you that your license is valid.
  • Click OK.

    Note: After clicking OK the User Information dialog will appear within which you should provide the User Name and Organization for the licensed user.

If you've purchased a DPL group or site license, you won't need to use a Serial Number or Install Key as directed above. Users with these license types will be provided with a DPL license file that should be placed within a specific directory on your machine to activate. The license file will be attached to an email with detailed instructions on how to activate DPL using the file.

If you receive an error while activating, please carefully check that you've entered the serial number and installation key correctly. If you're still receiving the error send an email to that includes the wording of the error message and a screen shot of the activation dialog with our license information entered; use the Alt + Prnt Scrn keys, and use Ctrl + V to paste it into the email.

After activating, you are ready to start using DPL. We encourage you to register your license of DPL online with Syncopation. If you choose not to register initially, you can do it later by selecting Help | Resources | Register.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio