Endpoint Database Grid

A grid window is used to display the Endpoint Database when endpoints have been recorded. See Recording an Endpoint Database for more information on how to record endpoints.

Each row in the Endpoint Database grid displays all the data for a single endpoint. There first column labeled Endpoint numbers the endpoints. The columns that follow are for each event in the model and show the state each event is in for the endpoint. If one of these columns is blank, then the event does not occur on the path defining the endpoint and it is not in a known state.

The column immediately following the event columns contains the probability of the endpoint. This is the path probability and it is the product of the chance outcome probabilities along the path defining the endpoint.

In a model with no attributes, the column immediately following the probability column is the objective function column which contains the objective function value for the endpoint.

In a model with multiple attributes, there is a set of columns following the probability column which contain the value for each attribute in the model for the endpoint.

Row/Column Sizing/Hiding

Via the Grid | Format | Row drop-down you can hide/unhide rows. Via the Column drop-down you can freeze a set of columns to remain visible, set the width for the selected or all columns, hide/unhide columns, and chose whether data in a column should be displayed as a probability or percentage.


The data in the grid can be exported in comma separated value (CSV) format. Select Data | Export | Data. See Exporting an Endpoint Database for more information on exporting.


You can make selections in the grid and then copy and paste using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. The copied data is in text format and can be pasted into other applications such as Excel or Word.

Grid | Sort & Filter

In the Grid | Sort & Filter group, you can sort individual columns alphabetically in either ascending or descending order or sort the endpoints based on up to three columns. You can also filter the endpoints.

Reconnecting Endpoint Database to a Model

If the grid is displaying a previously saved Endpoint Database, this can be reconnected to a model so the endpoints can be replayed. Go to Grid | Endpoints | Reconnect.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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