Recording an Endpoint Database

If you run a Decision Analysis and select full tree enumeration, you then have the option to record endpoints. With this evaluation method, DPL explicitly visits each endpoint and calculates the value of the objective function (and any attributes if present) at each. If you choose to record the endpoints, this data along with state information for each event in the decision tree is stored in the Endpoint Database.

By default the Endpoint Database will be displayed in a grid so that you may view the information in it. DPL adds an item with the icon in the Workspace Manager for the grid displaying the Endpoint Database.

The data in the Endpoint Database can be used to generate subsequent Risk Profiles, Policy Trees, Policy Summaries and other results by replaying the endpoints even if you have modified your model in certain ways. For more on how you can modify your model and still play endpoints, see Using an Endpoint Database.

Overwriting the Endpoint Database

Each time you run a decision analysis the Endpoint Database will be overwritten for that model. If you choose not record endpoints, the Endpoint Database is deleted for the model. See Saving an Endpoint Database below on how to prevent this.

Deleting the Endpoint Database

As mentioned above, by default an Endpoint Database is displayed in a grid document. If you delete the grid displaying the Endpoint Database, the grid is deleted but the Endpoint Database remains. Note the icon in the Workspace Manager changes from to . If you then delete the Endpoint Database in the Workspace Manager, it will be deleted and the item will be removed from the Workspace Manager.

If you clear memory (F9 or Home | Run | Clear Mem), the Endpoint Database for the model for which you are clearing memory and the grid it is displayed in (if any) will be deleted.

Saving the Endpoint Database

You may save an Endpoint Database by renaming it in the Workspace Manager. A copy of the Endpoint Database will be made and displayed in a grid. Saved Endpoint Databases will not be overwritten when you run a subsequent decision analysis. Saved Endpoint Databases are always displayed in a grid. If you delete the grid that is displaying a saved Endpoint Database, the Endpoint Database is deleted also.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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