Importing an Endpoint Database

DPL allows you to import an Endpoint Database from another DPL Workspace file or from a comma separated value (.CSV) file.

If you wish to import an Endpoint Database from a comma separated value file, the easiest way to see the correct format is to export an Endpoint Database. See Exporting an Endpoint Database.

To import an Endpoint Database:

  • Activate the model for which you wish to import endpoints.
  • Go to Home | Workspace| Add | External Endpoints.
  • Use the Import Endpoints dialog to select the file from which you wish to import.

When importing endpoints, you can choose whether or not to display them in a grid. Once displayed, you will find that the probability column is left blank. Probabilities aren't used when endpoints are replayed so the data is left out.

If you have previously imported some endpoints, you can merge additional endpoints with them so that through multiple imports you can build a complete Endpoint Database for your model.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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