Select Groups dialog

Grouping Outcomes

The Select Groups dialog comes up when you select Mixed for the Outcome Grouping type on the Tree Instance tab of the Node Definition dialog. The dialog allows you to specify which outcomes should be grouped together and share a single endpoint.

To create groups

  • Select the set of outcomes in the Outcomes list box that belong to the group (e.g., in a decision such as Build New Plant, "Build with High Capacity" and "Build with Nominal Capacity" might belong to the same group) using Ctrl+Click.
  • Click the Group >> button. The grouped outcomes will be moved to the Groups list box and will be indicated as belonging to the same group by a "1: " before each outcome's name.
  • Repeat for each group. If you have a single outcome by itself as a group, select it and press the Group >> button.

To change existing groups

  • Click the reset button. All outcomes will be returned ungrouped to the Outcomes list box.
  • Proceed to select new groups as described above.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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