Influence Diagram Nodes

There are six types of node available in a DPL Influence Diagram:

- Decision nodes appear as yellow rectangles

- Discrete Chance nodes appear as green ovals

- Continuous Chance nodes appear as dark green ovals

- Value nodes appear as blue rounded rectangles

- Strategy nodes appear as large divided yellow rectangles

- Controlled nodes appear as gray rectangles

You may use any combination of these in your influence diagram.

Creating Nodes in the Influence Diagram

To create a node in the Influence Diagram, select the appropriate item from the Influence Diagram | Node | Add drop-down. Using the mouse place the node in the desired location. DPL then opens the General tab of the Node Definition dialog, which prompts you to enter the node name (and state names, if applicable).

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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