Path Probabilities

If you're interested in viewing the path probabilities you can do so within the Policy Tree. By default the Show Joint Probs (another name for Path Probabilities) box within the Policy | Display group is checked and, therefore, displayed underneath each branch in the Policy Tree. The Joint or Path Probability is in indicated by a set intersection symbol and is contained within parentheses. If the Branch probability is also turned on it is shown to the left of the Path Probability, outside of parentheses.

You can view path probabilities within the Endpoint Database. The endpoint grid displays the path probabilities for each endpoint among other things.

Note: the path probabilities (whether viewed as probabilities or percentages) can be very small numbers, particularly if you have a lot of endpoints in your model. Consequently, you may need to format the decimal places within Policy Tree or Endpoint Database outputs via Files | Options | Outputs.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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