Spreadsheet-Linked Portfolios

DPL Portfolio models typically have initialization links and/or calculation links. Initialization links provide data to one or many of the nodes in the model. Calculation links provide value model calculations to a DPL Model for a portfolio analysis. DPL Portfolios can be linked to spreadsheets using either initialization links, calculation links, or both. A spreadsheet-linked DPL Portfolio is therefore a Portfolio Group that has spreadsheet initialization links and/or spreadsheet calculation links.

When a DPL Portfolio has initialization links to spreadsheets, some or all of the data used in the DPL model is stored in Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are external to the DPL Portfolio Workspace, and they may be stored in multiple locations. Usually there is a one to one correspondence between the initialization spreadsheets and the projects in the Portfolio, i.e., each spreadsheet is used to store data for exactly one project. Often, a standard "template" is developed for all projects, and each project's unique data is saved in a version of this spreadsheet template.

When a DPL Portfolio has calculation links to spreadsheets, it means that the calculations for the DPL value model are coded in one or more Excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheet(s) are external to the DPL Portfolio Workspace and may reside in multiple locations. Often (but not always), there is one calculation spreadsheet that is used for multiple projects. In this situation, the valuation uses the same calculations and structure across multiple projects, with distinct data being fed in (e.g., from initialization spreadsheets) for each project.

See Spreadsheet Linking Overview for more information.

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