Influence Diagram Tab Commands

Influence Diagram Tab Commands

The Influence Diagram tab contains a number of important commands for building and modifying decision models within the Influence Diagram. You'll find commands for adding and editing nodes, model links, and influence arcs. Within the Objective & Utility group you can add or edit multiple attributes, objective function(s), and risk tolerance. You'll find that some of the same commands are also included on the Decision Tree tab, while some are only available from the Influence Diagram tab.

Button Command Action
Influence Diagram | Object | Edit Edit the selected object (node, arc, text box, etc.). If nothing is selected, the Select Node dialog will be launched.
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Decision Creates a new decision node in the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Discrete Chance Creates a new discrete chance node in the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Value Creates a new value node in the Influence Diagram.
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Continuous Chance Creates a new continuous chance node in the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Strategy Table Creates a new strategy table node in the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Controlled Node Creates a new controlled node in the Influence Diagram/Decision Tree.
Influence Diagram | Node | Add | Node Collection Creates a collection within which you can name and add nodes to and collapse/expand in the Influence Diagram. If a set of nodes is selected when the collection is created -- the collection will be created to contain the selected nodes.
Decision Tree | Node | Change To Changes the selected node to the node type indicated, if several values are selected they can all be changed to chance nodes at once
Influence Diagram | Node | Linked Node Create and add a linked node of the type indicated to the Influence Diagram
Influence Diagram | Node | Formula Node Create a new node that is the summation, product, or difference (indicated by the icon) as calculated from the selected value nodes
Influence Diagram | Links | Link Events Link events in the Influence Diagram to spreadsheet driver cells
Decision Tree | Links | Manage Link events in the Decision Tree to spreadsheet driver cells
Influence Diagram | Arc | Add Creates a new arc in the Influence Diagram
Influence Diagram | Arc | From Formulas Creates new influence arcs in the Influence Diagram that are based on the formulas found within the data definitions of each node
Influence Diagram | Arc | Bend Bend the selected arcs
Influence Diagram | Arc | Straighten Straightens the selected arc(s)
N/A Influence Diagram | Objective & Utility See Multiple Attributes and Objective Functions for information on editing attributes and the objective function of the model
Influence Diagram | Model | Settings Change model spreadsheet link settings

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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