Getting Started with DPL 9

Welcome to DPL 9!

If you've used earlier versions of DPL, click here to see what's new in DPL 9.

DPL Examples Navigator

When you first open DPL, the Examples Navigator window will be displayed. You can re-open the Navigator at any time by clicking the Navigator button on the Help tab. The Navigator contains a sampling of the DPL example models installed with your trial license. It provides the industry, techniques employed, and a brief description of the given DPL example model.

DPL User Guides

One of the best ways to get started using DPL is to work through the tutorials found in the DPL 9 Users Guides that is provided with your license. You can find the user guides in PDF format within the Documentation folder of your DPL installation directory. The corresponding examples files are located within the Examples folder of the same directory. You can also download the guides from our website here:

DPL 9 User Guide

DPL 9 Portfolio User Guide

DPL 9 Fault Tree User Guide

The manual is intended to be read while working with DPL. Each chapter is in a tutorial style and will prompt you to use one of the DPL example models installed with your trial. The chapters will provide you with the tools needed to develop real world DPL models for your decision-problems.

DPL Industry Examples

Top organizations from a host of industry verticals have come to depend on DPL when a decision must be made. See first-hand how you can apply DPL to real-world decision problems by checking out our DPL Industry Examples page:

Instructional Decision Analytic Videos

We offer a variety of short, simple instructional videos that outline basic Decision Analytic tools and concepts using the DPL software. If you're a decision/risk analysis novice, then be sure to check these out:

DPL Training Courses

If you want to get up to speed by the most efficient means necessary I'd urge you to participate in a DPL Web-based Training Session or set up a DPL In-house Training Course. For more information see:

The Syncopation Support Team

We're here to help you! If you find that your license didn't install properly or you've spent time staring at a blank model window wondering where to start then reach out to our support team by sending an e-mail to support@syncopation or by calling +1 866 796 2375, ext. 2.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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