Displaying Probabilities (Command Program)

From the Command Program you can display the probabilities of chance events. By choosing Command | Execute | Formulas (See Displaying Formulas), you can also display the formulas used to calculate these probabilities.

You can display the probability of a particular event state, probabilities for all event states, and joint distributions involving more than one event. DPL automatically performs any marginal computations or Bayesian revisions required for calculating the probabilities.

In the topics which follow, consider an example problem involving the decision Modernize and the events Competition, OperatingCosts, MarketShare, and Success.

decision Modernize.{Yes,No};
chance Competition.{Strong,Weak}={.8};
chance OperatingCosts.{Sink,Rise} | Modernize={.3},{.4};
chance MarketShare.{Gain,Lose} | Competition={.2},{.7};
chance Success.{Yes,No} | OperatingCosts,MarketShare=

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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