Conditional Probabilities (Command Program)

To display the conditional probabilities of two or more joint, conditioned events, list the joint events followed by the keyword given (or the | symbol) followed by the name(s) of the conditioning event(s) in a single command. Multiple (conditioning) event names should be separated by commas. For instance

Competition.Weak,OperatingCosts.Sink | Modernize.Yes;

With the Formulas command turned on, the Session Log displays the joint, conditional probabilities of event Competition in state Weak and event OperatingCosts in state Sink given that decision Modernize is in state Yes.

Competition.Weak * (OperatingCosts.Sink | Modernize.Yes)
 : 0.06

The states are set for all the events in the above command. Therefore only one probability needs to be displayed.

In the following example, the joint probability of all events along one particular path of the decision problem is evaluated:

Competition.Weak,OperatingCosts.Sink | Modernize.Yes,

The Session Log displays the joint probability of that combination of events.

Competition.Weak,OperatingCosts.Sink | Modernize.Yes,
   MarketShare.Gain,Success.Yes : 0.203226

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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