Time Series Percentiles Setup Dialog

The Time Series Percentiles dialog allows you to specify parameters for a Time Series Percentiles Run.

From: use this drop-down list to select the attribute for the first time period in the run.

To: use this drop-down list to select the attribute for the last time period in the run.

First time period (for x-axis label): type a number in this edit box to label the time periods in the Time Series Percentiles chart. Time periods will be labeled consecutively. E.g., if you have ten time periods and specify 2018 for the initial time period, the time periods will be labeled 2018, 2019, ..., 2027.

Initial decision alternatives: check this box if you'd like to see percentiles displayed for each alternative of the initial decision in the chart.

Show EV/CE only: with Initial decision alternatives turned on you can choose to display just the expected value/certain equivalents for each initial decision if checked or the EV/CE plus all the percentiles specified if un-checked.

Percentiles: specify the percentiles you would like included in the chart. Type a percentile in a slot that says "(none)" to add one. Select a percentile and press Clear to remove it. If you'd like two percentiles displayed as a range bar, select a percentile and use the type button to toggle which type it is. You must specify both a range min and range max to display a range bar.

Run settings: use the Change button to change the evaluation method and/or number of intervals for the run within the Run Settings dialog.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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