Attribute Subtree Definitions Dialog

DPL Portfolio allows you to accumulate distributions and calculate expected values of attributes for subsets of the full decision trees within the portfolio models. E.g., you might have some technical uncertainties in your models and want to know the expected value of attributes given success with one or more of these technical uncertainties. The Attribute Subtree Definitions dialog allows you to define the subtrees for which you'd to accumulates distributions.

Use the Add/Delete buttons at the right to add/delete addition subtrees.

Specify the name of the subtree in the "Subtree" column.

The remaining columns are for all the events (decision and discrete chance nodes) in the portfolio. Each column is labeled with the name of the event. The rows within each column have drop downs for the states of each event plus a blank entry. Use these drop downs to specify the subtree. If the drop down is left blank for an event within a subtree row, it means that the event is allowed to vary across its states in the subtree. If a state is specified for an event within a subtree row, then the event is fixed to that state for the subtree.

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