Objective & Utility dialog

To specify Multiple Attributes

  • Click the dialog box launcher within the Objective & Utility group. This is accessible through both the Decision Tree and Influence Diagram tabs.
  • By default, DPL includes one attribute called Attribute1 in the model. In the Attributes section of the dialog, click on this or press F2 to rename it.
  • Add further attributes by clicking Add and renaming them (they are named Attribute2, etc. by default).

Check the Gather attribute expected values in the Policy Tree button to have DPL roll back and display the expected values of all attributes. This option is only available if the model has multiple attributes.

To specify a single objective function

If you have specified multiple attributes, you may wish to specify an objective function. If you do not, by default DPL will use the sum of the attributes for the objective function.

  • In the Objective function section of the dialog, enter the objective function in the edit box.
    • Click the button to select attributes.
    • Click the button to select values.
    • Click the button to select functions.
    • Any of DPL's arithmetic operators can be used in the objective function.
  • Specify whether the selected objective function should be maximized or minimized by clicking the corresponding radio button. Note: For each decision in the model the Tree Instance tab of it's Node Definition dialog will includes 3 objective settings for the event: use the setting specified in the Objective & Utility dialog, Minimize the objective function at the instance, or Maximize the objective function at the instance.

  • Optionally specify unit labels for the output.

To specify multiple objective functions (DPL Enterprise and DPL Portfolio)

Type in or use the arrows to specify the number of objective functions for the model. Define each objective function as described above. You can optionally specify a name for each objective function by selecting it and clicking the Edit Name button. Be sure to specify for each objective function as to whether it should be minimized or maximized. Note: For models with multiple objective functions, the Tree Instance tab of each Decision's Node Definition allows you to specify which Objective Function to evaluate for a particular decision.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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