Project Category Specification

Project categories can be assigned at either the Portfolio Group level (i.e., all projects within a particular group have a particular categorization) through the Edit Portfolio Group dialog, or at the Portfolio Element level (i.e., all projects in a particular Element have a particular categorization) through the Edit Portfolio Element dialog. Alternatively, project categories can be determined from a Source node defined in the Portfolio | Definition | Categories dialog.

To specify categories for a group/element, edit the desired group/element and click the Edit button underneath Project Categorization. In this Specify Categories dialog, use the drop-down boxes for each Category Type to specify the correct categorization for this Group or Element. Note that if you are specifying categories at the Element level, you can choose (Use group setting), in which case the Portfolio Group category for this Category Type will be used. If you do not choose (Use group setting), then the category you choose at this Element level will override any Group level setting for this Category Type.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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