Session Log

The Session Log is located at the bottom of the Workspace Window, beneath the Workspace Manager. The Session Log starts with basic information that includes a copyright statement, information on the DPL version and release, license expiration date, and information on who the software is licensed too. You can also access DPL license information by choosing Help | Resources | License. The Session Log maintains a record of your entire session, provided you do not clear it. You can move to a previous section of the Session Log by using the scroll bars if you wish to view information on earlier commands and analysis results.

Similar to the Workspace Manager pane, the Session Log pane can be hidden using the Auto-hide function (the thumb tack button on the top right of the pane). For a description of this function see Workspace Manager.

When you run an analysis, the starting, ending and elapsed times as well as the results and other information are written to the Session Log. The information varies based on the type of analysis you run. For example, the information for a decision analysis includes the number of paths, events, lotteries, and dependant lotteries in the model, the expected value (and certain equivalent if applicable), and the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentiles of the outcome risk profile. The results of a Value Tornado include the name of the variables analyzed, the values at which each variable was analyzed, the corresponding expected value (and certain equivalent) of the model for each value and the policy for the tested values of each variable.

Clearing and Copying the Contents of the Session Log

The Session Log context menu functions allow the user to cut, copy, paste, select all, clear all, and change the font of the text in the Session Log window. You can also undo any of the previously mentioned actions from the context menu. If you wish to print the contents of the Session Log, first add a program to your workspace (Home | Workspace | Add | Blank Program), then in the Session Log context menu use Select All. Copy and Paste the contents of the Session Log to the new Program window. Then select File | Print.

Session Log Memory Limit

The Session Log is limited to a certain number of lines of text (File | Options | General). If you are using the display function, have done a number of runs and are about to start a long run with a large amount of output to be written to the log, you may wish to choose Clear All before the run.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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