Nicki Franz

Customer Success Manager

Nicki Franz is the Customer Success Manager at Syncopation Software. As the “non-geek” of the bunch, she has handled the non-technical duties at Syncopation since joining the team in 2010. When you reach out to Syncopation, it’s Nicki who will be will be quick to reply with practical solutions and timely suggestions. When not actively setting up customer for success, her focus turns to coordinating the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant content for the DPL user base and the decision analysis community at large. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maine at Orono, she prides herself in imparting a liberal arts-y counterbalance to the technical nature of the company. In her free time she enjoys yoga, snowboarding the ‘Loaf with her family, rooting for the New York Football Giants, doodling, and coming up with ultimate music playlists.