Chris Dalton

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris Dalton is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Syncopation Software. He has been a member of the DPL software team since 1994, and has been in charge of product development since 1998. At Syncopation, Chris continues to lead product development strategy and remains in touch with the DPL user base by advising clients in the life sciences, health care, financial, and energy industries on the practical application of DPL and related methodologies. During his tenure as a consultant with a Big 4 firm, Chris used decision analysis and real option valuation approaches to provide R&D planning and capital allocation advice to blue chip companies in a variety of industries. Chris holds a B.S. in Math from Cal Poly and an M.S. in Applied Math from Carnegie Mellon. When not at work, Chris enjoys spending time in the Maine woods, hiking, biking and canoeing. He is an avid canoe racer and enjoys the real life risk management opportunities provided by the ice cold whitewater in New England’s rivers.