You can zoom the Model (Influence Diagram or Decision Tree), Policy Tree, and Policy Summary windows by using the Zoom controls located on the status bar at the bottom right of the application window or by zooming by selection. Once you have zoomed in on a portion of the diagram, you can move to other sections of the diagram by clicking on white space and dragging with the mouse or using the scroll bars.

Zoom Controls

The Zoom controls show you the current level of zoom or magnification (as a percentage) of the pane or window selected. To adjust the zoom level, you can click on the zoom percentage button. The Zoom dialog will come up. Within the Zoom dialog, select a preset level of magnification or specify a custom zoom level. Also in the Zoom controls are the Full and Prev buttons. Choose the Full button to zoom full so that the diagram/tree fits entirely within the window or pane. The Prev button returns you to the previous zoom level. Lastly, there is the Zoom slider control. To adjust the zoom level, either click the Zoom in (+)/Zoom out (-) buttons to increase/decrease the zoom level by 5% increments or click and drag the zoom slider control to the desired zoom level.

Zooming By Selecting

To zoom in on a specific region of your diagram, click in whitespace with the left mouse button on the upper left corner of the portion of the diagram you wish to view, hold Ctrl+Shift and then drag the mouse down and to the right. A box will show you what will be displayed when you release the button. Release the mouse button when the box surrounds the portion of the diagram you wish to zoom.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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