Viewing a Decision Tree

There are virtually no limitations to the size of a decision tree. Because of this you may not be able to fit your entire tree on one screen. The easiest way to view other parts of the tree is to move along the tree using the scrollbars.

Another way of changing your view of the tree is to use the zoom controls. For a full view of the tree, no matter how large, choose the (Zoom) Full button from the Zoom controls in the lower right corner of the application window.

See Zooming for more information.

One technique to switch back and forth between viewing two parts of a tree that don't fit on the screen at once is as follows.

  • Click Zoom Full.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Drag a rectangle around one of the areas you would like to examine closer. Release the mouse to zoom in.
  • Zoom Full again.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Drag a rectangle around the other area you would like to examine closer.
  • Hold Shift and click (Zoom) Prev.

Holding Shift while Clicking Zoom Prev goes two zoom levels back which reverts you to the previously selected portion of the tree. Zoom Prev goes back one zoom level. You can now toggle back and forth between the two sub-parts of the tree. The perform subtree technique also helps to reduce tree size and make it easier to navigate around large trees.

One last way to keep your tree concise, particularly for models with many attributes, is to use an indicator for or hide long get/pay expressions by using the radio buttons within the Decision Tree | Get/Pay group.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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