Selecting a Node in the Influence Diagram

To select a node, click on it with the left mouse button. The color of a selected node changes to magenta. You must select a node before you can edit it.

To select multiple nodes, use Ctrl+Click. Ctrl+Click toggles the selected state of the node. You can also select a group of nodes by holding down shift and dragging a rectangle with the mouse around the nodes you wish to select. Any node whose center falls within the rectangle will be selected when you release the mouse button.

To select all nodes in an Influence Diagram, use Ctrl+A.

If you have selected one or more nodes and wish to cancel the selection, press Esc or click in whitespace. If you have selected multiple nodes and you click (without holding Ctrl) on a node that is not one of the selected nodes, the group of nodes previously selected is unselected and only the new node is selected.

Go to a Node

  • Press F5. DPL launches the Highlight Item dialog which displays a list of all nodes in the model in alphabetical order. If you had a node selected in the model when you pressed F5, DPL will select that node in the list to start.
  • Select the desired node from the list
  • Click OK. DPL finds the node in the Influence Diagram and selects it, turning it magenta. Press Enter to open the Node Definition dialog for the selected node.

Using the Keyboard

You can also use the arrow keys to select nodes in the Influence Diagram. The Up and Left arrows scroll backwards through the nodes, while the Down and Right arrows scroll forwards. The order of the nodes for scrolling is decision nodes, chance nodes, and then value nodes. Within each node type the order is determined by the order in which they were created. If you hold down shift while using the arrow keys, multiple nodes will be selected.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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