Importing and Exporting Elements of DPL Workspaces

DPL allows you to import and export elements of DPL Workspaces as well as export data and graphics. Importing and exporting elements can be useful if you would like to transfer a model from one workspace to another workspace. Exporting data is useful if you would like to post-process the data in a spreadsheet or database program. Exporting graphics is useful for including results in presentations or documents.

Exporting Workspace Models/Programs

DPL allows you to export models or programs. To export an element from your workspace, go to the window which contains the element. For example, to export an Influence Diagram and Decision Tree model, activate the Model Window. Select Data | Export | Data. DPL will prompt you to specify a path and assign the element a filename. A copy of the elements will be written to an .inf file which you can import back into DPL via the Home | Add to WS | Imported Model.... For more on importing DPL models see Importing DPL Models

Importing Workspace Models/Programs/Risk Profile Data

DPL allows you to export models, programs or risk profile datasets. To import one these into your Workspace, go to Home | Workspace | Add | Imported.... Browse for the DPL Workspace from which you want to import and select the items you wish to import. DPL also allows you to import models and programs from earlier versions of DPL via .DPL and .INF files.

Exporting Data

To export data from an analysis, go to the output whose data you wish to export and choose Data | Export | Data. For example, from a Risk Profile Chart, choose Data | Export | Data. You can export data in comma separated value (CSV) or XML format.

Exporting Graphics

To export graphics (either from input documents such as a Model or any graphical output) from a Workspace, select Home | Edit | Copy (Ctrl+C) from any graphical window. The graphics are copied to the Clipboard and can be pasted to other applications such as Powerpoint.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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