Explicitly Extracting Data via the Ribbon

Project Data | Extract

You can explicitly extract data and store it in the form of Data Definition Programs from the ribbon via the Portfolio | Project Data | Extract split button. The default command indicated by the button is Extract All, meaning data for all projects in the portfolio will be extracted based on the settings within the Data Extraction Options dialog. If you drop-down the split button you'll find two other data extraction options:

Existing data for projects being extracted is overwritten. Existing data for projects not being extracted remain unchanged. Once data has been extracted, you can check the Use Existing box within Portfolio | Project Data to tell DPL to use the extracted data for Portfolio Analysis and Data Reports. Click the Project Data | Delete to delete all data in the workspace.

Review Index

If you've indicated that the database is configured for a review index in the Database Specification dialog click the Review Index button to launch the Review Index Information dialog to enter information and assign a code to the Review Periods and Review Tags.

Project Names & IDs

There are two options within this drop-down list:

  • Project Names and IDs from Database: This command creates a report of Project Names and IDs from the database. When you choose this option the Data Extraction Options dialog will appear. If you check the Extract earlier revision box and specify a date or leave it un-checked to extract the latest data.
  • IDs in Portfolio:

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