Copying Graphics to Other Applications

To copy the contents of a graphic window to other Windows applications press Ctrl+C. Your graphic will be copied to the clipboard. By pressing Ctrl+V or selecting a paste option in the other application the clipboard will paste the appropriate graphic file into the other application.

Note: if you have the Produce simplified metafiles for ungrouping in PowerPoint option turned on within File | Options | Outputs a simplified metafile will be copied to the clipboard. Otherwise, a bitmap will be copied to the clipboard.

Bitmap is the most portable graphic format -- bitmaps can be pasted into almost any application that accepts graphics. Bitmap graphics are difficult to edit and lose their resolution when resized.

Simplified Metafile uses a special Windows format that is supported by fewer applications than bitmap but the resulting image can be edited and resized more easily in supported applications. For example, with simplified metafile turned on, you can copy and paste a DPL model or output to a Microsoft PowerPoint slide, ungroup the elements of the image in order to make precise edits to the image.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio