Relational Operators

- Equality (==)

- Inequality (!=)

- Greater than (>)

- Less than (<)

- Greater than or equal to (>=)

- Less than or equal to (<=)

These operators compare their first operand to their second to see if the specified relationship is true. If so, the operators return the number 1. Otherwise they return the number 0.

Strings may appear as arguments of the relational operators. The ordering is determined by the standard ASCII values for characters. For example:

"a" < "z"
"a" > "A"

Both relations are true (that is, they both result in a value of 1).

The relational operators usually appear in expressions that are the first operand of the conditional operator (? :) or the first argument of the @if() spreadsheet function.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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